Monday, February 22, 2010

Fancy Full

On March 5, Tim Burton's spin on the Lewis Carroll classic hits theaters. Summon your inner child and indulge in something just as fanciful and and fun. Know though that there is a fine line between whimsical and cute. Whimsical is Tim Burton's spin on the classic tale. Cute, is well, the Disney version. Whimsy is the one (or two) item that is playful and a little off-kilter, takes the edge of the serious everyday and makes you laugh. The piece that makes them wonder.

         "Would you

              like a little

     more tea?

Top to bottom, left to right: One Lump or  Two Lamp table lamp, $198, Monogrammed mugs, $6, Orquidea teapot, $48, Anthropologie. Teatime clock, $32, Brighton.


  "If I had a world of my own

        everything would be

  nonsense . . ."

Who's The Fairest? mirror, $148, Plucked Petals measuring spoon, $24, Anthropologie. Perched Birds accent table, $49.95, Pier 1

          "What key?"
Castle Key bottle opener, $12, Anthropologie. Vintage Keys, $19 for set of 7, Pottery Barn

       "The mushroom of course!"

Decorative glass mushrooms, $8-10, Pier 1
"Did you notice

her petals?"

Multi-flowers wall decor, $49, Pier 1. Blacksmith Blossom chair, $248, Anthropologie

     "Off with her 

Recycled glass head, $19.95, Pier 1