Monday, March 1, 2010

Embrace Your Curves

Mae West said that "A curve is the loveliest distance between two points". We all know about the universal allure of the hourglass figure, but what is it about curves that is so appealing? It is that element that is not immediately called on. Straight is usually the way we go because it saves space, it's efficient, it's familiar. Yet when confronted with curves, something takes over and we are smitten by it's wayward, unpredictable nature. Undulating lines that go up and down. Sinuous lines going left and right. Compared to a simple straight line, a curve just wants to take its time getting there. It's not boring, certainly not straightforward, and gives you something to think about. There are no straight lines in nature, only curvy ones. Graceful curves suggest softness and gentle movement, taking us from here to there in a slow, winding way. Go ahead, add them to all the right places. 

Curves add interest to this otherwise boring white wall.

Who says modern means only straight lines? Adding the element of curved lines to the bold red color and lacquered surface heightens the modern feel of this kitchen island.

A chair with curves to fit yours. The Borromini Chair by Armani Casa

The curved panels enclose this bath for a pod-like atmosphere.