Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Morocco is only nine miles away from Spain and high speed ferries can take you there in 30 choppy minutes. 
That is all it takes to witness how the regular trappings of Europe give way to the sun-baked, ultra-colorful sensory extravaganza of Africa. A colorful fusion of European-Mediterranean and African geography and a rich Islamic cultural background makes for a totally different and exotically dizzying experience. 

The desire for rooms echoing old, enduring cultures prevail. When we think of faraway places, somewhere exotic and warm where we can orb ourselves to by way of our bedroom, Morocco comes to mind. The mere mention of its name evokes potent images of colorful swathes of silky and gauzy fabrics flying in the breeze, aromatic spices and seductive Andalusian music. 

Here, ideas how to transform your space into a Moroccan oasis. Ilsa would be proud.

Feeling bold? Take colors right off a Moroccan spice rack. This bathroom transports without being too obvious by using just colors to depict the scene. While it may overwhelm in a more public room, using the bright colors in a bath is less of a commitment.

Warm African breezes enter the room through windows wrapped in sheer, gauzy fabrics. Ornate and carved mirrors and furniture ground beautifully embroidered silk pillows.

Pick your favorite Moroccan element and use that as a starting point. Colorful spices? Think brightly-hued walls. Love the Moroccan motif? Look for them on rugs and pillows.

Top to bottom, L-R: Sheer Linen Window Panel, $24-44, Andalusian Rug, $39-649, Morocco Headboard, $329-459, www.westelm.com, Adara Mirror, $175, www.pier1.com, Lazo Throw, $59-95, Sunburst Pillow, $49.95, Marrone Frame, $39, Zebra art, $349, www.zgallerie.com, Handcrafted Moroccan Poof, $165, www.casablancaimports.com, Sunflower mirror, $40, www.pier1.com

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