Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Beginnings: Easter Tablescape

When you just feel like having a little something new, try going for something old.  If you can believe it, all the items shown here (with the exception of the bird, the grape vine napkin holder and the fresh flowers) are from Goodwill! Browsing the shelves there is such a fun treasure-hunting activity. There are really nice items in stock, and at the location where I go, in pretty good condition. Reusing durable goods is a worthy cause--if anything, it keeps things out of the burgeoning landfills. There are great items there that you can get for a fraction of the price of something new. It's good for your pocket and good for the earth. When you donate to Goodwill, you are helping a good cause and helping the landfill problem. Goodwill sells items that are in good condition, and whatever they can't sell, they bring to a de-manufacturing plant for recycling.
A Feathery Scene
Last March 20, the swallows have come back to Capistrano. So, maybe it's the season or the popularity of Twitter, but these days, birds and bird motifs seem to be everywhere. The first time I noticed them was last year, on come colorful Old Navy sweaters. For Spring 2010, Pottery Barn came out birds and nests on accessories and linens, and the trend has trickled down to Target.The little creatures are everywhere.
 It was not my intention to go bird-watching at Goodwill that day, but when I saw this glass the deal was sealed. All it needed were some other items to carry the natural/organic theme. 
 The times call for a paring-down of sorts, for doing things a little differently. So shop your closets, shop your cupboards and china cabinets. Shop your attics and garages. It's certainly a good theme for Spring/Easter: "New beginnings". Make that "Giving old things new beginnings."

Resist the urge to buy cheap, throw-away holiday decor.
The feathered friend, grape vine bird's nest and the grape vine mini-wreath used as napkin holder here are from Michael's. They can all be reused for different seasons (use them on wreaths or your tree come Christmas). 

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