Friday, March 19, 2010


Everything old is new again. As a final note on this series on wood, I must say that nothing matches the beauty and appeal of reclaimed wood. I have said before that the appeal of wood comes from the fact that it came from something that was living, so breathing new life into old wood is just sheer poetry and genius. 

Here, I've collected some of the best furniture and fixtures, all made from recycled or reclaimed wood. Rather than contribute to landfills, wood is collected from fallen logs, wood stumps, demolished buildings and the like is repurposed into something new. Nothing matches the character of reclaimed wood. Each hand hewn face, surface, nail hole, weathered patina and grain has depth and meaning. These woods that have been to different times and places, when into something new, tells a new story all over again. Just like wine and people that gets better with time, reclaimed wood is not only sustainable and unique, but durable as well, because it's been dried and seasoned over the years.

Reclaimed wood flooring from Elmwood Reclaimed Timber
It is the belief of this company that wood is just like us, "we hope to still be useful when we are old, and look really, really good."(Elmwood website)
Recycled Ash wood stairs from Citilogs
Citilogs creates finished wood products from trees that have fallen, are being removed for construction or are
saved from demolished buildings. 

 Reclaimed wood paneling from Elmwood Reclaimed Timber
Kitchen cabinets from recycled maple from Citilogs

Was: Wooden beams from old barns
Is: Slab Dining Table, $1800
 Was: An old wine barrel
Is: Half Wine Barrel Cocktail Table (made popular by celebrity chef Michael Chiarello!)

Was: Discarded railroad tie from India
Is: Bench (perfect for watching the world go by)
Was: Driftwood off the beaches of Asia
 Is: (Quite pricey, yet statement-making) Trash bin

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