Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitchen Ideas

The most hardworking and busiest room in the house needs to be equipped with tools and gadgets that save time and energy. Here are some great items that make cooking and clean-up a whole lot easier.

Kitchen faucet
A great kitchen faucet makes all the difference in the world. Aside from the stove, it is probably the most operated piece of equipment in the kitchen. A well-made one with the right features will make the tasks of cooking and cleaning easier and more efficient, and should last for quite a long time. 

Things to consider:
High profile/High arc spout
Faucets with longer necks will enable you to fill a tall stock pot with water easier. The higher the spout is from the base of the sink, the more clearance or vertical space you have and this allows you more room for washing larger items. 
A Pull-down spout
This feature allows you to grab the spout and spray water into the insides of pots, and helpful for 'hosing' down the sink after use.

Left: Moen 'Arbor' Kitchen Faucet

Waste Organizers
Yes, even garbage has to be properly sorted. Having a designated bin for recyclables such as cereal boxes, and compostables such as coffee grinds and onion skins keeps that area under the kitchen sink a lot more organized. 

Kraftmaid Basetop-Mount Wastbasket

The Who-Knew Utensil
Celebrity chefs Sarah Moulton and Rachael Ray uses it. The Wilton Cake Lifter (or any other cake lifter) makes transporting chopped onions and celery into the pan on the stove a cinch! 

Wilton Cake Lifter

Bar Mops
These small square towels is a great new, more economical and greener alternative to paper towels. Use them for cleaning up spills and drying dishes. They are inexpensive, so you can have a lot (at least 2 dozen) and not have to run out of them before your wash day. Choose ones that are 100% cotton and not too thick so they can dry easily. Colored ones stay looking cleaner longer than white ones.

Simply Clean Bar Mop
$8 for set of 6

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Daniel said...

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