Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stick With It

Is it a nest? Is it a house? Is it alive? 

In this picture, my daughter is making her way towards the 'Catawumpus,' a sculpture made entirely out of tree saplings by renowned artist, Patrick Dougherty. ( At the time, it was a temporary installation/exhibit at the Los Angeles Arboretum. Driven by his love for nature and armed with his carpentry skills, Dougherty has been making these structures since 1980. The huge structures which makes use of truckloads of sticks, are built on site. He has made over two hundred of these sculptures all over the United States. For more information on Patrick Dougherty and his works, as well as upcoming installations you can view (continental US), go to his website at:
Photo Credit, right: "Crossing Over" at the American Art Museum, New York, NY, 1996.

Sticks, such as the willow saplings Doughtery uses have an organic, rustic and plant-like quality that, like enormous baskets. Baskets make great decorations and containers, they are useful while adding color and texture at the same time. 

 Below, a collection of picnic baskets make beautiful and interesting storage. They warm up and add texture to a space and conceal everyday items like magazines, toys and games, even mail.

Here, some other baskets storage baskets pretty enough to be out on display.

Havana Lidded Baskets, $24-$54,
Devon Office Organizer, $119,

Madras 3-tier Cubby, $99,
Morgan Coffee Table with Baskets, $399,

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