Monday, May 3, 2010


This week I am celebrating my birthday. Though there will be no party, I will definitely be celebrating. I will bake a big chocolate cake and have a huge glass of margarita, because this week we are also celebrating Cinco de Mayo. I will call my parents and thank them for conspiring to bring me into this world 30-something years ago. I shall tell them, "I wish you were here." After that, I will take my husband and my kids aside, share a pizza and the cake and tell them, "I'm glad to be here."

 When I blow out the candles I know exactly what to wish for. I will wish for more celebrations because I think they make us better people. When we celebrate, we acknowledge our happiness and we cannot be anything else but grateful. I will also wish for a bigger heart; one with enough room to hold all the people that are already inside and yet to come.

This week on our blog, it will be all about celebrations. We will fiesta on, celebrate great, iconic houses, feast on birthday cakes and celebrate life as we take a look at a wonderful place called Casa Teresa, devoted to saving the lives of women and their unborn children.

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