Monday, October 18, 2010

Fright Night

I am on the fence right now whether or not to decorate my front porch for Halloween. To decorate would mean going beyond the usual Jack-O-Lantern. Meanwhile, thick, copious spiderwebs have started appearing on the doorways and porches of neighbors' houses. Scarecrows and skulls appeared on front lawns. I'm a little tempted. At Jo-Ann's I found some neat witch's brooms along with feathered owls and crows, and I had this idea of creating a witch's house look; something a little different from the usual.

I want to do something other than, but I have to admit that the spider web effect seems to be the cheapest and easiest trick on the block. For some spare change, it definitely creates a mood. Here are two good examples of that. I noticed that in both pictures, there are dried leaves strewn on the stairs and the front lawn. My magnolia tree just dropped a heap on my front lawn--maybe I should just use that.
Photo credits: Left:, Below, top:, Below, bottom:

Not scary enough? I found this website called Grandin Road. They have some pretty macabre and scary items that take the fright factor up a notch. Check these out.
Below, top to bottom: Life-size Cloaked Grim Reaper, Martha Stewart Lighted Skeleton, Glowing Cloaked Halloween Woman, Halloween Spiderweb with Set of Two Spiders, Set of Two Blood Ravens, Hanging Halloween Cocoon Man, Life-Size Halloween Mummy,

If you are planning to go out there and stock up on decor, the best time to go is when stores have slashed down prices. This is usually one to weeks before and after Halloween. Consider these ideas:
--Be original and creative and think beyond the ordinarily spooky. Subtle, clever ideas are sometimes the best. Check out this photo:
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--An economical way to go is to get one big item that makes an impact than dozens of tiny little things.
--Check out dollar stores such as Dollar Tree and Big Lots for bargain items.
--Try to purchase items that you can use year after year. Store them properly in cardboard or plastic containers.
--Hand-crafted, DIY items like silhouettes, never fail. You can do a lot with some black card stock, scissors and Duck tape. Check out these photos:
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Happy Halloween!

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