Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Step Up Your Storage

Plenty of storage options with room to spare to display picture frames, knick-knacks plus other items that need to stay within easy reach. Light, airy and works in any room. These non-traditional shelves and tables are truly a step above the ordinary.

Feng Shui principles say that if two people are using the bed, matching bedside tables add stability and protection in the relationship.

Left: Reynolds table, bottom, right: Travers stepped console,
A lot of people have taken to storing things under their beds that there are now merchandise such as bed raisers (to increase the space under your bed for storage purposes) and thin storage boxes that slide under the bed. However, I found out that Feng Shui states otherwise! According to Feng Shui principles, a bed must  have a good height above the ground. This allows for a balanced feng shui chi or energy to flow under the bed. In addition, you must not have built-in storage drawers underneath your bed!  The reason behind is that, the energy or chi needs to circulate around your body when you are sleeping, which is not possible if the space underneath your bed is being blocked.

In Feng Shui, stairs convey motion and energy or chi from one level to another. Chi is brought up or down and distributed throughout the house using the stairs, and thus the placement of the stairs affects family fortune and unity.

Left: Marseille Stairway accent table,


Tips for Arranging a Ladder Bookshelf
Go from small to large. When arranging a ladder bookshelf, place the larger, heavier items on the bottom, going lighter as you go up the steps. 

Arrange the shelves so that all parts of a collection are kept together. This will help balance out the entire group of shelves and attract the eye toward specific colors or shapes.  

Right: Studio wall shelf,
Create interest. Place one or two eye-catching items on each shelf so that the eye moves throughout the vignette. Strive to create balance by making sure both left and right sides are more or less equal in terms of visual weight. If you have a large piece on the left side, balance it by placing two or three small items on the right side.

Left: Hampshire step table,
According to Feng Shui, Chi can miss the corners of a home and create a lack of energy. By filling an overlooked corner of the house with an object such as a plant, a lamp or a table, energy is attracted. How about a corner bookshelf?

Right: Sawhorse Collection corner bookshelf,

Feng Shui or otherwise, the open design of these shelves take storage and display out of the ordinary.

Left: Logan 4-tier shelf,

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