Thursday, March 4, 2010

Discovering David Garibaldi

I was instantly drawn to this artwork while looking for sources. I think most painted portraits are too stiff;  for me it was either abstract art or a photograph. This piece however, had such movement, that it felt like Hendrix was going to jump out of the print. The way the strokes and splashes of color come together, and the way such a graphic representation can convey such emotion is just pure genius.

Then a friend (Thank you Melissa Wood!) clued me in on the artist behind this--performance artist, David Garibaldi. How to describe his works? Let me put it this way. You know about those abstract art that make you think, "I can probably do that, just make a few lines on paper here, a few circles  there . . ."  We've all seen them--lines, squiggles and just myriad splashes of color that seems so easy to do, like it only took the artist a few minutes to make. That is highly doubtful ofcourse, and it probably was not as easy at it looks. No artist can just splash and throw colors on canvas and create art, right? Well, David Garibaldi does, literally. His performance art shows--where he appears to just be flinging paint on canvas with abandon to create his famous paintings that has earned him worldwide acclaim have to be seen to be believed.

Know more about him:

Check out these videos from You Tube, where he paints Jesus Christ and John Lennon.

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