Thursday, March 4, 2010

Glam Rocks

The early 70s in Britain saw the dawn of glam rock and David Bowie. Musicians that look or are in fact drunk or high, can't talk straight but are no less musically inclined. Imagine them cavorting in their expensive hotel rooms, smoky, messy but no less sophisticated. Not a big fan of the outwardly self-destructive and decadent images, my fascination is limited only to the elaborate costumes and deconstructed glamor. He died before the whole era played out, but Jimi Hendrix said that, "music is a safe kind of high." How about decor--play pretend? Interpret it into a living room? Why not.  Call it polished punk.

Movie Poster: Velvet Goldmine, 1998, starring Ewan McGregor (I can listen to his Scottish accent all day) and Jonathan Rhys Myers. Rent it or check it out at

Top to bottom, L-R: Laura Kirar Syro Chandelier,, Bling vase and bowl, $89.95-149.95, Hues of Hendrix, $99.95, Marquis tea light, $7.95,, Randall club chair, $1,555,, Violette cabinet pull, $8,, Bijou tea light holder, $19.95, Benny sofa, $999

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