Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kitchen Redesign: Climate Change

What to do when its mostly hot and muggy and the sunlight does not move enough in the right direction to let the light in? This redesign shows how an open floor plan, light and bright colors and sleek and streamlined finishes go together to create a kitchen that's truly 'climate-controlled!"Cramped and dark cooking, dining and living areas just won't do when outside the skies are overcast and the air is so thick.Interior kitchen walls were eliminated and in comes a kitchen island open to the dining area.
Minimizing upper cabinetry in favor of bare 
walls and open shelving add to the spacious 

Photos: Above,center: perspective rendering,  Above, right: actual photo of space.
Architect & Designer: John & Ren Santos, Santos & Partners Inc., Manila Phil.
Location: Manila, Phil.

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